Grand Prix Erik Tonkin

This year, the Grand Prix series is honoring Erik Tonkin, the owner of this here bike shop. For the uninitiated, Erik has been a long time racer and supporter of the Portland cross racing scene, and the naming of the series this year is part homage and part roast. For us, cross is all about having a good time; we train hard, but above all we do it for the love of the sport. Our shop has deep roots in the local cross scene and you can find us training in Forest Park and at races throughout the season.

This year we’re looking forward to racing and supporting the GP in our own way. We’ll be at each of the races with a tent and a couple of our new “School Cross Racer” cross bikes for demo, which we’ll be unveiling very soon. Without giving too much away, expect a lightweight bike with hand picked components for not a lot of money. We think it’s going to be a hit.

If you’re new to the sport of cyclocross, any of the local races are a great way to get started. There are beginner fields for each race and the atmosphere is fun and supportive. If you’d like to learn some of the fundamentals, you should check out the upcoming series of beginner cross clinics starting on August 28th at Alpenrose Dairy.

Registration is now open on the Grand Prix website and if you sign up for a season pass, you’ll save a few bucks.

See you at the races!


Race Schedule

  1. David Douglas CX #1 – 8/31/13
  2. Het Meer CX – 9/7/13
  3. Hood River Double Cross #1 – 9/14/13
  4. Zaandercross – 9/21/13
  5. Ninkrossi CX – 9/28/13
  6. Heiser CX – 10/5/13
  7. David Douglas CX #2 – 10/26/13
  8. Pedalers at the Poor Farm CX/Edgefield/CX Champs – 11/9/13
  9. Winter Cross – 12/1/13
  10. Santa Cross – 12/7/13