Sellwood Cycle & Thread Bikes

Erik has been in the bike business a long time. He has worked with a lot of big bike companies and people in the industry to bring great bikes and products to the market, but has also wanted to develop his own ideas. Helping bike companies with product development is great, but it isn’t the same as having complete control. So, working with a couple of local bike industry contacts, Erik developed a bike for Sellwood Cycle: Thread.

The frame set is designed with the Portland customer in mind, then fabricated in Portland by Simple Bicycle Co. It is intended for the rider who wants a high quality city bike that is ultimately useful, but still fun to ride. The builds can reflect different value points, but it all starts with the locally produced frame set, made from high quality US sourced True Temper OX platinum tubing. So, no matter the final build, the ride will feel good.

The design has gone through several revisions (including an unscheduled return trip through the process to adjust some braze ons) to become what it is now. The versatile frame can be setup with drop or flat bars, fenders, racks, baskets, or anything else you need to get around town. And, because this is Portland, disc brakes.