What do you do at a bike shop when you receive a few pounds of top-notch bacon in the mail, yet don’t have a stove with which to cook it?  This was our predicament just a few weeks ago, yet luckily our staff is crafty enough to solve just about anything.  This particual issue was easily tackled using Peter’s trusty Yuba Mundo cargo bike (more on this bike coming soon..), a tank of propane, and a camping stove.  The rainy weather / wet bacon issue was circumvented by cooking the bacon under the overhang above our rear doors – filling the shop with a nice smokey goodness.

I will now dub Peter’s Yuba Mundo the “Problem Solver” due to the bike’s ability to haul just about anything.  If you have similar desires of cooking bacon in the great outdoors using your own legs and a small tank of propane, come by the shop and check out one of our cargo bikes.