To celebrate our 20th Anniversary in business, we are moving.  Do we ever know how to throw ourselves a party!  As many of you know, we’ve been in our current location for 15 years, and we outgrew it years ago.  Parking over sixty bikes outside everyday is just too many, and climbing over each other in the shop is getting old…but that’s not to say the nine of us here still don’t love one another.

More important, this move is about you, our customers.  You need more space, more products, and more service, and you are worth it.  Yes, you’re worth every penny and every drop of sweat, and so we want to thank you for 20 years of loyal business.

We are investing in you.  We’re investing in our neighborhood.  We’re investing in bikes.  And we’re investing in ourselves.  We believe in what we do and how we do it, and we’re proud of our bike shop.  We’re quite proud that you see it the same way!

The big move is coming soon, so stay tuned…

One Response to “Sellwood Cycle is moving!”

  1. Alan White on

    Erik, et. al.,

    Good luck on the move.

    I know how you feel, I (in a past life) once managed the move of a 30,000 sq fit professional photo processing lab to one location to another. This included phone (60 line), pc’s (25 ws,file server, routers),paper (3) and film (2)processors,staff of 100, etc. We did it in one day. Started on Fri am and were up and running on Mon am. I convinced the moving company to put the two semi vans on overtime as a major snow storm was moving into Salem dropping over 12 inches Fri nite and Sat am. It was a long weekend.

    Best wishes in the new digs, but please don’t let them change the heart of the place…