Every year in August, the shop takes a quick “vacation” to Bellingham to hang out with our buds at Kona Bikes. It’s a chance for us to check out the new lineup, talk shop with other Kona dealers, ride some trails together, and do some serious bonding.

We’ve been having a great summer at the shop, and even though it’s already August, we’re excited to keep the momentum going. Taking a couple days off together is a great way for us to stock up on some serious good times, so that we may share it with our customers.

The new bikes from Kona look great so far, and we can’t wait to try them all out. We’ll have all sorts of details about the new offerings when we get back and will be excited to chat about them. There’s a lot to love!

We’ll be closed on Tuesday, August 6th, but back in business on Wednesday the 7th. See you then!