This Sunday, May 7th, the Pacific Crest Community School is having their annual school auction and we are proud to have donated a Kona Coco to this excellent event. We are particularly excited about this auction because thanks to a long-running bicycle maintenance program, led by Jeffrey Struck, the Students themselves built the Kona Coco that we donated. It’s undoubtedly brought us a lot of pride to have been able to contribute to this program in different ways over the years, but mostly to watch the students continue to excel under Jeff’s guidance. 

But don’t take it from us. Here’s a letter from one of the class’ students, Sage!


As a student at Pacific Crest Community School, I am thankful for many things. PCCS is a small private school, with about 120 people coming in and out of it every day, including students and staff. There are two unique things about this school, and they go hand-in-hand. First, all students, grades six through twelve, get to pick what classes they take. Now it’s not really like you get a big list of super intense academic classes to choose from, but the students here at PCCS do have a huge say in what classes are taught, of course at the teacher’s discretion.

One product of this system is the Pacific Crest Bike Maintenance Class, taught by the legendary Jeffrey Struck. The Bike Class here wouldn’t exist without him, but it wouldn’t be functional if it weren’t for Sellwood Cycle Repair. The bike shop has done many things for us, and perhaps the biggest is they provide us with bikes, still in the box, that we then build together here at school to learn fundamental skills as young bike mechanics. The folks at Sellwood have given us lessons on building these bikes well. Once built, we test ride the rig in its fully built glory and make sure everything is running perfectly. We then take each bike back to their great shop for them to sell.

To build a bike you need a number of tools, but the most unique and irreplaceable is definitely a truing stand. Great quality truing stands are quite expensive and hard to come by, and Sellwood Cycle Repair donated one to us. We instantly fell in love with this gorgeous piece of material and worship it to this very day.

Another huge thing Sellwood Cycle Repair has done for this class is donate a whole bike for our annual school-wide auction. We currently are in the process of building this bike, so that we can auction it off for the good of our community and to see our work in action.

We are so grateful for everything that the thoughtful people at Sellwood Cycle Repair have done for the class.

All praise the glorious truing stand!