Since stocks of our famous jerk shirts have been running low, we’ve had a lot of requests for a reprint.  However rather than rest on our laurels and use an old design, we decided it was about time to rethink things.  We finally got our act together and got a whole bunch of new shirts printed.    So here they are, sleek as ever, and true to shop colors of course – printed on navy blue American Apparel shirts with our patented chaing-wing wrapping around the drive-side of the shirt.

Quantities for the first run are limited so come by the shop or give us a call if you want to grab one before they’re all gone.  And who knows, If they’re popular maybe we’ll roll out a tank top come summer, or a few alternate designs – likely featuring wizards of something nice like that.  We’ll see…

NewShirt2 NewShirt3 NewShirt4