Lewis & Clark College – Bike Program

Sellwood Cycle Repair bike buying program for Lewis & Clark College students

  1. Any Lewis & Clark College student can buy any new bike at 10%-off of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) at Sellwood Cycle Repair (SCR). For example, the 2013 Kona “Dew” bike’s MSRP is $499, so it would be $449. Please note that SCR’s retail price might be lower than MSRP, but the discount is calculated with MSRP. Also, new bikes that are already marked down to a lower sales price are not included. Used consignment bikes are not subject to this program because SCR does not own them.
  2. A Kryptonite Series 2 u-lock can be purchased for just $25.00 with the purchase of a bike. This lock retails for $40.
  3. A helmet can be purchased for 25%-off of retail price with the purchase of the bike. For example, we sell the Giro Indicator helmet for $40, so it would be $30.
  4. Any other accessories can be purchased at 10%-off of retail price–at any time and by any student, with or without the purchase of a bike!
  5. The student can safely store the purchased bike at Sellwood Cycle Repair over winter break. Such an arrangement will require special planning, and the student must contact Erik Tonkin at shop@sellwoodcycle.com to discuss the matter.
  6. The student can “sell back” the bike to Sellwood Cycle Repair by way of our consignment program at any time. We would sell the bike for the student, and the student would receive 75% of the final selling price once the bike has sold. For example, if the same Kona Dew bike is re-sold for $400, then the student would net a $300 return. Since the bike was purchased for $427.50, the final cost of the bike could be just $127.50.
  7. Contact Erik Tonkin by email at shop@sellwoodcycle.com for more information.