Sellwood Cycle Repair will soon be home to an indoor cycling training studio! With all the room in our new building we decided that adding a training and fitness program as unique as our shop would help compliment our vision and provide our customers with a platform to improve as cyclists. Starting with orientation sessions in mid August and classes in September, C-Velo Performance Fitness Cycling, owned by Rick Cady, will be using space on the second floor of our building to conduct power based indoor cycling classes. These are NOT spin classes! The sessions are designed to improve cycling fitness through measurable results using power measured in watts. Most of the classes will be structured as an 8-week progressive program with workouts 2-3 times per week. Sustainable power will be measured before and after the program with the idea being that an increase in power will occur if the class progression is followed. In very basic terms, more power means faster, better, stronger cycling. You know when you watch the Tour de France and hear announcer Phil Ligget talking about all the watts Andy Schleck is pedaling? Now that can be you! Or at least you will get a better understanding of power and what it can do for your cycling, no matter what your goals are.
Classes are for all ability levels and all disciplines of cycling. Whether you are looking to become a better roadie, cross’r, mountain biker, or just win your morning commute, we can help. Classes will be held both morning and evening several days a week to accommodate most schedules. Class sessions can be purchased online and can be used at anytime. With the flexible scheduling it will be up to the rider to decide what classes they wish to attend, but attending as often and consistently as possible will yield the best results. Because of the progressive nature of the program, pricing is definitely geared towards purchasing multiple classes at once, but there will be several packages available. As of now, one class will be $18, five classes will be $80, ten classes will be $140, and twenty classes will be $220. Purchasing a twenty class package would get you through a twice weekly 8 week program with a few to spare.
Another unique feature of C-Velo Performance Fitness Cycling is the incorporation of strength and core exercises into training for cycling. Using bodyweight exercises and novel TRX suspension training, one of the programs offered will give you the functional strength/endurance to improve your cycling. The classes in this 4 week program will be about 50% on the bike training and 50% off the bike training. They will work to strengthen the musculature specific to cycling in the core, upper, and lower body, as well as improve neuromuscular coordination.
So, we have a progressive power based program, a functional strength training program, and will even have some cycling specific yoga. What more could you ask for? Oh yeah, CYCLOCROSS!! That’s right, cyclocross. I, Brad Winn, am taking on the challenge of creating a cyclocross specific training program that is sadistic enough for our crazy cross customers. It will follow the same basic progressive principles as the other classes on offer, but will cater to the cross crowd and try to get you ready for the peak of cross season.
The C-Velo website is now up and current!  Check it out at c-velocycling.com.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call or come see me in the shop. Ask for Brad, or the good looking one…