We just received this spy photo straight from our Kona connection at the factory this morning, and are a bit too excited to keep this among ourselves.  What you are looking at is the 2013 Kona Rove frame built out of titanium.  That’s right, what is perhaps the greatest swiss-army knife of Kona’s 2013 lineup, has now been forged from one of the most coveted bicycle frame mateirals known to man.  We’d heard rumors of this frame, however no proof that Kona’s alchemical explorations would reach fruition until now, and here it is.  For those who are unfamiliar, the Rove is a do it all – gravel grinder, touring, cross frame – basically the sort of genre-bending bike that makes us love a company like Kona.

So there you have it the Kona Rove frame is now ready for us to order, and will be offered in the full size range as the cromoly version (47, 49, 53, 56, 59, 61cm). These frames will be going for $1999 a pop, and should be ready to shop in April if all goes according to plan.  It is likely that these frames will only be offered in limited quantities though, so if interested give us a holler sooner than later.  And if you’re interested but are unsure what size would be right come by the shop and take a ride on one of the cromoly Roves in stock.