***Update 09/6/16 ***

Kona brought Minute back in 2015…but has sadly discontinued it again in 2016… You can always get the Kona Ute, but the Minute is gone. We also have updated information on the Superknuckle cargobike accessories line with links below!

We’re big fans of Kona’s “Minute”.  Shorter than a long-tail full-fledged cargo bike, with practically all the benefits provided by the heftier utility-minded rides. The Minute packs a lot of punch, and since the wheel base is shorter and the bike is lighter than its counterparts, it has a more nimble and sporty feel than a lot of long-tail cargo bikes.

The Minute is likely our best-selling cargo bike, and serves as an excellent counterpart to the heavier-utility Yuba Mundo and Kona Ute.  Because we like this bike so much, and it’s been so popular around the shop, our guy Pace has come up with a range of accessories to make a great bike even better.

The Minute shown here is entirely stock, with the addition of the custom-made Superknuckle wheelskirts (designed and fabricated by Pace – our resident utility bike accessories virtuoso), “Passenger Kit“, foot pegs (also designed and fabricated by Pace), and a Yuba SoftSpot padded seat.  (Note that the rack-mounted panniers included with every Minute are not shown in these pictures but can still be used with the accessories installed)

Prices for the mentioned accessories are as follows:

– Superknuckle Passenger Kit: $150
– Superknuckle Foot Pegs: $30
– Yuba SoftSpot Seat Pad: $30
– Superknuckle Wheelskirts: $30

If you’re looking to do slightly more by bike, whether thats hauling kids, groceries, or whatever else, come by the shop and check out our range of cargo bikes and custom-designed accessories. Superknuckle offers accessories for the Kona Ute as well. Be sure to check their store for more details.


17 Responses to “Fully Loaded: Accessorizing the Kona Minute / Ute – Updated”

  1. Andrew Moore on

    Hi, do you ship to the UK? I’ve seen a minute for sale, and the accessories would swing it. Hoping to get my 5 and 7 year old kids on the back for a mile journey school run. Shame you don’t do a back rest! Do you know why Kona have discontinued it, I can’t find any info on the net. Thanks

  2. Laura moore on

    Do you know whether these would fit the ute? I was looking for a minute but have had to go with the larger ute, now they are discontinued.

  3. Pauline on

    Do you still have any Minutes in stock or know a place in the NW that still sells them? Do you know if the stem will fit a Yepp mini in the front and if it would fit a Yepp maxi on the back rack?

    • Jake Ryder on

      Hi Pauline, We happen to have a Minute and all the accessories in stock right now! And we can order more if need be.

    • Jake Ryder on

      Hi Kristin,
      Yes, we can still get the 20″ size of the Minute (they have limited stock left at Kona) and would be happy to see about shipping you one. Give us a call here at the shop and we’ll get the ball rolling!

    • Jake Ryder on

      Hi Jen, Right now Kona only has the 20″ size available (and not too many left).We can let you know if we get an 18″ minute in on consignment though!

    • Jake Ryder on

      Hey Mike,
      It’s always best to call us directly for availability. We have a couple in stock, but they’ve been going quickly.

    • Jake Ryder on

      Hi Ben,
      We have a few remaining 20″ Minutes in stock, but that’s all for this year. Always feel free to give us a call anytime to check availability.