By this point, if you’ve followed our blog or been around the shop for the past few months, you’ve likely heard rumors and maybe seen a spy photo of Kona’s titanium Rove frame.  We may have been responsible for spilling their first factory sneak peak to the whole world before Kona had the time to put together a press release of their own.  It was an accident we swear…  And we assure you that all of this mumbling has been with the best intentions – we’re just really excited about this frame.

Luckily for us and few of our intrepid customers, the wait is no longer.  Kona currently has stock in every size of Ti Rove frame (47, 49, 53, 56, 59, and 61cm) in their delivery center, ready to ship.  For customers who are interested yet want to test ride a Rove first, we have a full size run of the Ti Rove’s steel counterpart, fully built and ready to go.  So if a titanium, do-it-all kind of disc-brake, fat-tire road bike-ish thing is your calling, then come down to the shop and check one out in the flesh or give us a call.  Dare I say, this may be the one bike to rule them all (well maybe this and a capable mountain bike)…

TiRove2 TiRove3 TiRove4 TiRove5 TiRove6 TiRove7

8 Responses to “One Bike to Rule Them All: Details of Kona’s Ti Rove Frame”

  1. Darren Biggs on

    Is the New fork done that can take 50mm wide tires, would love to see this bike built up with some bruce gordon Rock n’ Road tires, or some 45mm Firecross tires.

    • Jason on

      Darren, it depends on the fork you want to run. As it is, the frame doesn’t come with a fork. If you set the frame up with one of the Major Jake carbon forks, you can fit a large 29er tire no problem. So I would imagine a Bruce Gordon would fit pretty well.

    • Sellwood Cycle on


      We don’t have a 59cm in stock, but I just weighed a 56cm.

      • 4.17lbs
      • 1.89kg

      It looks like there aren’t any more 59cm frames available, but another shop might have one.

    • Jason on

      Ewen, yes we do. Fitting frame couplings requires a bit of research. Give us a call or email us to talk a bit more in detail. The possible cost of fitting frame couplings to the Rove frame might be really close to having a custom Ti frame built. We’d be happy to figure it out with you though!