We don’t just build our own custom cross bikes here at the shop, we do it for our customers and even for Kona factory riders, like Wendy Simms.

The 2014 Major Jake and Super Jake 53cm framesets are great starting points. The two builds differ wildly, but both are light as hell.

The Major Jake, weighing in at 18.28lbs features a 1×10 setup, while the Super Jake, tipping the scales at 17.28lbs sports a traditional 2×10.

Check the photos for more details. We’re really pumped on these bikes and can’t wait to see what Wendy does out there!

Major Jake

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Super Jake

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2 Responses to “Custom Major and Super Jakes for Wendy Simms”

  1. Ryan Marquardt on

    Nothing like commenting on a super old post, but I wanted to give a long overdue thanks for posting these! They both look like great rides, and I relied heavily on the pictures of the 1×10 for building up my own 1×10 cross bike.