The cross calendar is full of amazing races this season, and one of them happens to be sponsored in part by the shop! The Sandy/Boring Corn Cross is going down on November 2nd just a few miles southeast of Portland on Liepold Farms. We will be providing registration, setup and take down, and neutral mechanical support throughout the day. And if that weren’t enough, we’ll be throwing in prizes too. As with all OBRA sanctioned cross events, there will be categories for all ages and abilities, and fun for everyone.

Erik Tonkin has put his signature touch on the course; it’s pretty short at just over one mile, but it is fast and furious. Using the farm and a good portion of the corn maze, the course is mostly flat, but features a few leg grinders and one steep run-up. Lap times will be short and 75% of the course can be viewed from a single viewpoint. The corn maze itself will be the most fun part of the race. The path through the maze is fairly wide to allow for passing as well as keeping your derailleur on your bike.

There will be a covered area with food, beverages (such as beer and non-beer), live music, and fresh vegetables from the farm itself. There’s even a hay maze for the little ones to play in in the covered pavilion.

You can register for the race through the OBRA calendar page and keep up to date with info on the Facebook Event page too. The flyer can be downloaded here as well.

We’ll keep this page updated with info as it becomes available. In the meantime, if you’re interested in volunteering or helping out, send us an email. We’ll be adding photos of the farm as well.

We can’t wait to see you out there!


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    • Jason on


      I’ve updated the post and included the flyer in the page so that you can see everything. The categories should be viewable now. Category times are pretty close to what they are at Cross Crusade races. I hope that helps!