Last Saturday saw the 2nd Corn Cross of 2015 which, as it so happens, was the OBRA CX Championships. And what an amazing day it was. After a week of downpour the skies cleared making for a fast, yet technical, course out at Liepold Farms. We had an excellent turnout, and some epic battles for podium positions. Early racers were treated to an opportunity to run the *optional* “Lacava Line” (AKA a ramp placed on the course) to win swag provided by Olympia Beer. Sadly the ramp was a little too rad, and wasn’t out for later racers. The prize pile went deep with donations from Stumptown Coffee, Olympia Beer, Dave’s Killer Bread, The Sufferfest, Jansport, and more.

A HUGE thank you goes out to everyone who helped make the race come together, the City of Sandy for really making it happen, and to everyone who came out and raced.

Until next year enjoy some of the photos our shop photographer, Jake Ryder, took out at the farm. Feel free to share, just be sure to tag @SellwoodCycle when you do!

SCR_CornCrossII01 SCR_CornCrossII02 SCR_CornCrossII03 SCR_CornCrossII04 SCR_CornCrossII05 SCR_CornCrossII06 SCR_CornCrossII07 SCR_CornCrossII08 SCR_CornCrossII09 SCR_CornCrossII10 SCR_CornCrossII11 SCR_CornCrossII12 SCR_CornCrossII13 SCR_CornCrossII14 SCR_CornCrossII15 SCR_CornCrossII16 SCR_CornCrossII17 SCR_CornCrossII18 SCR_CornCrossII19 SCR_CornCrossII20 SCR_CornCrossII21 SCR_CornCrossII22 SCR_CornCrossII23 SCR_CornCrossII24 SCR_CornCrossII25 SCR_CornCrossII26 SCR_CornCrossII27 SCR_CornCrossII28 SCR_CornCrossII29 SCR_CornCrossII30 SCR_CornCrossII31 SCR_CornCrossII32 SCR_CornCrossII33 SCR_CornCrossII34 SCR_CornCrossII35 SCR_CornCrossII36 SCR_CornCrossII37 SCR_CornCrossII38 SCR_CornCrossII39 SCR_CornCrossII40 SCR_CornCrossII41 SCR_CornCrossII42 SCR_CornCrossII43 SCR_CornCrossII44 SCR_CornCrossII45