Christmas is around the corner and we just put the finishing touches on another awesome season of cross. Which means it must be time for our annual Thanksgiving ride! Yes yes yes, I know that was a couple of weeks ago, but the last race of the season just wrapped up on the 14th and we knew we couldn’t compete with GPET.


In typical fashion, we waited until the last minute to throw this thing together, but the results were astounding as usual. We sent out a few smoke signals and waited with bated breath the morning of. Two kegs, the promise of smoked brisket, and a giant thing of coffee successfully lured 30+ riders to our shop early Sunday morning. The sky was cloudy, the temps were decent, and the mood was jovial – all good things for a Forest Park ride with friends.

Upon reaching the entrance to the park we split up; but it didn’t matter as everyone had a great time whether they tackled Holman or cruised up Leif Erikson. I chased Cary and Brandon up Holman and was amazed at how much traction there was surrounded by the fog. As we flew down Firelane 1 we found a bit of grease and the lot of us slid down to meet the assembled group on Leif in a semi-controlled manner.

After a quick descent of Firelane 5, we bombed Saltzman to Highway 30 and proceeded back to the shop. Knowing what was waiting for us at the shop, people raced back hoping to be the first to grab a cold cup of suds or a handful of brisket. The rewards for a morning of hard riding were ample and well earned!

I didn’t get as many photos as I would have liked, but I did manage to get a few, so I hope you enjoy them.

To all of our customers, friends, teams, individuals, near and far: our heartfelt thanks for another great year. We love what we do, and you make it all worthwhile. We look forward to working with/for you next year and many more to come!

That reminds me, we’ve got a keg that needs to be emptied…

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2 Responses to “Brisket, beer, bikes, and friends – thanks for another great year!”

  1. Peter Gilmour on

    Here is a big thanks from a very happy customer, not near, but far, Pukeatua, New Zealand. Longest Day ride tomorrow, Pureora Ongarue Timber Trail 70-140km.