Kona Paddywagon

The Kona Paddy Wagon is a staple in our cycle fleet, and a longstanding part of Kona’s repertoire. The smooth steel frame coupled with a lightfooted geometry and the joy of the single speed make up a soulful combination. One so good you want to take it with you everywhere!

Erik made the executive decision to do exactly that and passed this bike off to his buddy Mike DeSalvo down in Ashland, Oregon to install some S/S Couplers. And after a winter of riding it with more than a fair shake of raw steel exposed he finally got it powdercoated by C.C. Coatings.

Kona Paddywagon
So what did he end up with? A sweet bike loaded with “Tonkin-esque” features:

  • S/S Couplers
  • Kona Pista High-flange hubs laced to H Plus Son Archetype (hard-anno) rims
  • An ultra-light, ultra-uncomfortable, plastic saddle (no pain no weight gain!)
  • 2-speed fixed gear cog to gear down for kid-hauling
  • A minimalist fender (it IS technically lighter, and it keeps the water out of the front derailleur!)
  • Classic Dura-Ace Cranks

Kona Paddywagon
Admit it, you’d love to have a sick singlespeed like this that you could take with you anywhere and avoid those pesky Airline luggage fees. Maybe our friends at Kona will get around to making a production run of these…

Kona Paddywagon
Kona Paddywagon

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